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Scents for your workspace - productivity and creativity

Modern home office

Scent has a role in the design of a well-appointed and functioning work space, whether in the home or office setting.

Smellscaping and smellwalking Australia

Eucalyptus flowers

Scent is an important though neglected part of how we perceive an environment with our senses. Aromas, whether they are part of an urban or rural landscape, identify a place, having the ability to be immediately evocative, emotional and meaningful.

Have yourself a very sensory Christmas

Have yourself a very sensory Christmas

The celebration of Christmas involves intense and vivid sensory stimulation, whether it be the aroma of meals or drinks fragrant with herbs and spices, festive music, blinking lights or the bright red and green combination or silver and gold hues of

It's Christmas time at Scentcillo

 $25 Christmas gift box set

The festive season is just around the corner - have you given some thought to what you're getting your family and friends this year?

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How to make your home smell good in Spring

Hyacinth and tulip flowers

Nature and gardens come alive with colours and scents in the Spring, intensifying our feelings for change, optimism and enjoyment after the hibernation of Winter.

Neroli (Citrus aurantium var. amara) essential oil - relaxing blossom scent of Spring

The captivating neroli essential oil is extracted from fragrant citrus blossoms of the bitter orange tree.

Sweet and bright - Mandarin (Citrus reticulata var. mandarin) essential oil

Mandarins have their origin in China, native to the countries of South East Asia and the Philippines. The fruit spread through Asia and eventually in the 19th century to the Western world.

Scents for the bathroom - creating a sanctuary of wellbeing

The bathroom, once a forgotten area of the home, is moving away from a purely functional role to becoming a space of retreat and wellbeing.