Scent Styling Suggestions

Scent is one of the first things people notice when they enter a room.

Our senses don't work in isolation - sensory experiences are additive. Merging information from multiple senses increases our experience of a space and gives it life and soul. Scenting your home with essential oils can act as the missing link to draw all the different sensory elements together, be it sound, sight or touch, so that your home becomes a true reflection of you and your life experiences.

When you're selecting a scent think about how it will work with the design of the space you're scenting. The wrong choice of scent, for example a very sweet fragrance with a sleek and sophisticated design or a heavy pine scented fragrance in a beach inspired setting, means there is a mismatch between what you are seeing and smelling. Often a scent that conflicts with a particular area or room is perceived as too strong or overpowering when in reality it is at odds with the styling or design. The right scent should always enhance and be a natural extension of the ambience or feeling that you showcase through the visual design of your place.

Other points to consider include how you want a particular area to function, for example, focusing, relaxing or energising and what associations the people using that space may have to the aromas you want to use.

The following are some styling suggestions for our essential oil blends to maximize the effect your choice of scent plays in the overall experience and design of your space.

Greek Island

Greek Island styled interior space
  • A fresh, clean fragrance to synergise with warm weather or to give a languorous, expansive atmosphere to your surroundings.
  • Complements a contemporary décor or a space close to the ocean.
  • A light and airy aroma to synchronise with all-white interiors, high ceilings or a loft-style space.
  • Diffuse to create a tranquil and restful sanctuary in your bedroom.
  • Colours - blue, neutral, silver.


  • Floral scents in general elicit positive memories and recall feelings of happiness.
  • An inviting blend to burn in a hallway or area where you greet guests, best used during the day.
  • The crisp, floral aroma invites Spring indoors, complements any fresh flowers in your space.
  • The aromatic florals in this blend can also fit well with a traditional or timeless décor.
  • Colours - pastel, pink, neutral, grey.


  • A warming, enveloping blend for cold, crisp weather or to make large areas appear smaller and cozy.
  • Complements a space with a global eclectic or modern bohemian look.
  • The resinous fragrance can be used to supplement your meditation or relaxation experience and create a sacred space or as a focus of your meditation.
  • Colours - brown, yellow, earth tones.


  • The sweet, indulgent aroma of this blend creates a romantic and intimate ambience.
  • A good blend to burn on gloomy, wet days or after twilight.
  • Tango is a voluptuous, sensual scent that helps to create a sensory pampering experience.
  • The heady, rich tones of ylang ylang can add a dramatic flourish to a luxurious setting.
  • Colours - red, orange, gold, metallic.


Shaman scent styling
  • For an uplifting, welcoming atmosphere the sharp citrus and sweet wood notes makes your place brighter and energetic.
  • Assists in getting settled and focused when working or studying.
  • Creates a sensation of space in smaller rooms.
  • Pair with a modern, Scandinavian inspired styling, industrial space or integrate with a bushland environment.
  • A cooling blend for hot, humid weather.
  • Citrus scents are useful to cut through cooking or pet smells and refresh the air.
  • Colours - green, bright yellow, monochrome.